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Altium Designer
Fundamentals Course

The course "Altium Designer Fundamentals" provides a comprehensive introduction to the leading EDA software for circuit development and PCB design. It is designed for professional developers looking to enhance their skills. Practical exercises, customizations, and extensive resources support the learning process. Enroll now and dive into the world of PCB design!


Altium Designer
Extended Course

The "Altium Designer Extended" course delves into advanced features of Altium Designer. Topics such as schematic connections, classes, 3D features, layer stack management, and advanced techniques are covered. Practical exercises and interactions with other participants foster professional growth in PCB design. Sign up now to elevate your skills in Altium Designer to a new level!


Altium Designer
Course Bundle

Achieve Masterful PCB Design: With the "Altium Designer Course Bundle," you'll learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques for impressive projects. Our course offering includes valuable practical knowledge, a wealth of digital resources, and certificates. Enroll now and immerse yourself in the world of excellent PCB design!


About me

With over ten years of practical experience in daily work with Altium Designer and Altium Enterprise Systems, I am passionately committed to training professionals in maximizing their competence and efficiency using these powerful tools. Through my work as a Hardware Developer at IDS-Imaging Development Systems GmbH, I have gained extensive knowledge. I have led the transition to Altium Designer, implemented Altium Vault and Altium Concord Pro, and facilitated PLM integration.

Over the years, I have continuously expanded, deepened, and enriched my knowledge through numerous development projects. As an experienced trainer, I have successfully advised and supported multiple customers in the implementation of Altium's enterprise products, conducting both online training and on-site training sessions for clients.

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Experience customized training perfectly tailored to your needs! With our in-house and online training for all Altium products, you have the opportunity to customize the training plan to meet your specific requirements. Whether you want to dive deep into specific features or need a comprehensive overview, our experts work closely with you to create a tailor-made program. Benefit from personalized guidance and maximize your learning success. Invest in training that aligns with your individual needs and reach new heights in your use of Altium!

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