Altium Designer Extended Course

Altium Designer Extended Course

Duration: 2 days
Language: English
Location: Online Training - German Time (via Zoom)
Course fee per participant: EUR 1.970 (VAT included)
What is included in the course fee:
• Training materials

The "Altium Designer Extended" course provides the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of the highly beneficial features of Altium Designer. This course covers advanced functions that go beyond the basics.

Further information

The course particularly focuses on schematic connections, directives, ports, and buses. Participants will learn how to effectively work with classes in both schematics and PCB layouts to enhance the structure and organization of their projects.

Another key aspect of the course is Net Classes and Component Classes, which allow participants to set specific properties and rules at the group level.

Furthermore, participants will be trained in utilizing 3D features in Altium Designer. They will learn how to navigate the 3D view, take measurements, place 3D models, and create extruded 3D bodies.

The course covers the Layer Stack Manager and demonstrates how Layer Stack Templates and the Layer Stack Material Library can efficiently manage the layer stackup of PCBs. Additionally, advanced topics such as rigid-flex design, teardrops, via stitching/shielding, and high-speed rules are addressed.

Participants will also learn how to implement hierarchical designs, multi-channel designs, and board-level annotation in Altium Designer. Furthermore, the course explains how to work with snippets and reuse blocks to reuse existing circuit components and save time in developing new projects.

To conclude the course, the CAMtastic Editor is introduced, which enables participants to prepare the design for manufacturing and create CAM data.

The "Altium Designer Extended" course provides a solid complement to the foundational knowledge gained in the "Altium Designer Fundamentals Course." The knowledge imparted during the training will help you maximize your results with Altium Designer.

Note: The exact scope and order of course content may vary depending on the course duration and participant needs. You are also welcome to bring your individual questions to the course, and we will address them during the training.

In addition, you will receive

  • A comprehensive digital training guide, allowing you to revisit exercises as needed.
  • All examples and practice exercises from the training as Altium project files (including sample templates for schematic sheets, bill of materials, Outjob files, etc.).
  • A basic set of DXP Preferences (global Altium Designer settings) along with digital documentation. You can complement these "base settings" with your individual preferences.
  • A digital participation certificate.

This course offers you the opportunity to elevate your existing knowledge of Altium Designer® to an even higher level. Upon completing the course, you will not only possess extensive knowledge but also the ability to apply this knowledge in a professional manner.

Throughout the course, we will explore advanced features and techniques of Altium Designer®. You will learn how to create and optimize complex schematics, make the most of PCB layout features, and enhance the performance and efficiency of your designs.

This course places a strong emphasis on practical exercises and projects. You will have the chance to work on real projects and apply your advanced knowledge directly. Collaborating with other advanced participants will also allow you to benefit from their experiences and perspectives.

Seize this unique opportunity to elevate your skills in working with Altium Designer® to a professional level. Enroll now in our advanced course, "Altium Designer Extended," and expand your knowledge and expertise in the world of PCB design.


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